April 20, 2018, 2:04 pm

Azriely Observatory / The observatory on the 49th floor

The highest observatory in the Middle East is located at the 49th floor of Azriely's Round Tower. It overlooks the coastline, and it is possible to see Israel's coastline from Gedera in the south to Hadera in the north. It is a "must see" site for those who wish to get acquaintance with the big city and enjoy its breath taking view. In the observatory you can also see and experience the development process of Tel-Aviv from when it was first built, up until the newest neighborhoods that are being built nowadays.

A free of charge informative flyer is given to the observatory's visitors, which includes photos and explanations about the different observation spots and helps the orientation in the observatory. The flyer is currently available in English, Hebrew, Russian, French, and Spanish and soon in Arabic as well.      


Azriely Observatory

Round Azrieli Tower, 49th floor

132 Menahem Begin Rd.


Telephone: 03-6081990

Fax: 03-6081962